So you came to the conclusion that starting a personal trainer career is the right choice. Being a personal trainer is one of the most exciting, social and dynamic careers in the modern job market. Which personal training course is best?

How to get a personal trainer certificate?

To qualify for most certified personal trainer exams, you typically need to meet the following criteria:

  • 18 years old
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent certificate
  • Have an Emergency Cardiac Care (CPR) or Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) certificate

These requirements may vary from certification to certification, but these are basic guidelines for CPT. Then just register for the exam, learn, pass and start your career.

Awarding authority

When trying to find the right personal training course, many people look at accreditation and the same thing without thinking about what the management body is printing its certificate.

So what is the difference and what personal training certificate is the best?

The governing body is an organization that actually ensures your qualifications. Fitness accreditation is provided by a company that confirms (or stamps) these qualifications. First, when looking for the right qualifications, you need to find a company that provides qualifications through an authorized management body. Secondly, you need qualifications with the right accreditation. Without it, you can as well burn this paper, because it does not qualify you as a personal trainer.

Which personal training course is best?

What is the most flexible course of a personal trainer?

When choosing the best personal training certificate, make sure it is right for your lifestyle.

The great thing about all of the above-mentioned courses is that they can work in intensive work and personal life. You can buy course materials to read or view them at your own time.

However, if you’re a procrastinator, this flexibility can be problematic, so you can look for an option that offers accountability and guided learning.

  • NASM offers a 9-week eTeach course.
  • ISSA offers a study guide and online support.
  • ACE offers an online resource center for questions.
  • ASCM offers personal workshops and webinars.
  • OPEX provides mentoring through monthly mentoring conversations, daily forum participation and a personal course. You follow the cohort curriculum to keep you motivated and on track.

Work in the gym or be self-employed

After completing the course you have to make a serious decision – will you go alone and self-employed, or will you work in one of the gym networks? We can’t tell you what to do here, everyone is different.

Taking a job (if you choose the right course, you are guaranteed interviews after finishing) from one of the large networks is the easiest way. You don’t need to start a business or find insurance, you have clients on your plate by the gym and you have the support of other personal trainers or gym staff around you. On the other hand, you don’t have a lot of freedom in how and when you work, the amount you earn will be much lower than self-employment, and finally, why did you change your career?



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