SizeGenetics is a penis extender – a type 1 medical device that is designed to gradually stretch and straighten the penis for a very long time. Does SizeGenetics actually work?

Unlike penis pumps, which you usually use for 15-20 minutes a day, SizeGenetics and other penis stretchers are designed to be worn under clothing for 5 or more hours a day.

As a result, owning a product like SizeGenetics, which is FDA approved in terms of quality and at the same time offers a good level of comfort, highlights only a few considerations that should be considered when choosing a penis traction device.

What exactly does SizeGenetics work on?

This is a complete program with some accessories (such as handkerchiefs), penis stretchers and some DVDs etc. The only downside I have read so far is that some people found the stretcher uncomfortable during the first few days. I think it applies to almost everything!

How do you get results from SizeGenetics?

To get perfect results with the Sizegenetics extension cord, you must first become fully familiar with the product. One or two weeks of using an extension cord are required to get used to the device completely.

After the break-in period, you should know how to wear and customize the product. The longer it is used, the more adhesion can be used. This process must be taken slowly, but the rewards can be significant! Take things too quickly and you will have failures and a lot of discomfort. The message is that you can’t accelerate the growth process!

Does SizeGenetics actually work?

If necessary, the tensioners can be turned two turns every other day. Sometimes you may feel that you can go more turns, but do it carefully. Being too aggressive is a bad idea with any amplifier, even Sizegenetics.

Wear for a minimum of 4 hours a day. The more the better. However, you should remove the extension cord every 2 hours to allow rest and proper circulation. A good rest period is about 30 minutes.

Does SizeGenetics really work?

If you ask for my opinion, the answer is yes, given the research, research and opinions of satisfied customers.

Tests showed that Sizegenetics worked in more than 97% of cases. Treated patients reported the following results:

  • Increases the length of your penis
  • Increases the circumference of your penis
  • Corrects penis curve by over 70%
  • It improves self-esteem and trust
  • It is approved by EU and US doctors

Is SizeGenetics considered a scam?

I’m sure that some people will consider it a scam because of the high price. I assure you that SG is not a scam, but when it comes to value, you should think twice about the startup edition package because of the limitations this package has.

If you use the device as directed, you will notice results, but if you use the device, you may never get what you are looking for. It’s easy to find the edge on this product, search for it if you don’t believe me.



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