It is general knowledge that babies and children need more sleep each day than an adult. Many, however, don’t understand just why that is the case. Whether you are a new parent, expecting or have children in your family, understanding a child’s changing sleep needs can help you to see just why it is so important that they get the right amount of sleep each day.

The main reason that babies and children need more sleep than adults is that they are still developing. In fact, if you compare their sleep needs to the rate of their physical and mental development, there is a direct correlation. Infants develop at an astounding speed. They are born without even most of the basic motorskills, but within a year they are able to walk, speak and express a number of emotions. During this time most infants need 16 or more hours of sleep each day to facilitate the growth that they are experiencing. Of course adults can purchase mattress with this layla mattress coupon at any time.

Once infants begin to walk and experience their environment their sleep needs will decline, but they are still much greater than that of an adult. Toddlers typically still need 12 to 14 hours of sleep each day. Most toddlers will sleep at least 10 hours at night and then require one nap, if not two, during the day. This can be difficult as they desire so strongly to explore and learn that they naturally try to fight the sleep that they desperately need. Understanding the cues of when they are tired and creating a sleep routine that works for them will make both of your lives easier. Children that do not get the sleep that they need are prone to be cranky and even hyperactive.

Children from birth to five years old will have constantly changing sleep needs. This can be affected by growth spurts, the amount of activity they experience and their personal sleep needs. This, of course, can be challenging for any adult that has them in their care. The key is to be aware that their sleep needs are not a constant and that it will be a constant experience of learning about the child’s needs. There is no one answer that should be expected to be able to follow for any child, no matter their age or stage of development.

Once children enter their school age years, ensuring that they get enough sleep can become particularly challenging. Most children as old as 8-9 years old still need 10 to 12 hours of sleep each night. This can be difficult to achieve with the busy lives that most of us live. However, due to the fact that the sleep they get will impact their mental and physical development, it really should be as much of a priority as ensuring they have access to proper nutrition. A child that does not get the sleep they need is more likely to have behavioral problems in school and will not have the mental rest they need to learn as they would otherwise. Creating a solid sleep schedule, based on their needs, is just as critical at this point as it had been in their infant and toddler stages.

The most important thing to note is that each child has different needs, just like each adult. You may know children that do not need more than 9 hours of sleep at a certain age, but another that needs 12. Learning about what works best for your child as they continue to develop will go a long way in ensuring that you and they have a high quality of life together and that they continue to develop as they should.


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