As environmental concerns become a more pressing matter in the wake of warmer summers, massive oil spills and periodic political shakeups in Washington D.C., many people are asking questions of less national and global importance. Instead, there is an increasing focus on what local jurisdictions can do to preserve the delicate environment of Earth for the health of humanity as readily as the health of the world itself. Whether it’s to improve public transportation and ease the strain of automobiles on the oxygen pollution, more and more cities and smaller areas are beginning to examine what they can do to improve the environmental health of their lands. The city and residents need to do a lot better marketing by using different strategies so other people can help out, one way of doing so is by implementing search engine optimization.

Chicago is jumping on the green bandwagon with some organizations in the Chicagoland area working towards measures that will improve the environment of the city’s reaches and with it the health of its residents. Some of these measures are as much about economics as ecology. Enhance public transportation in a city like Chicago allows residents to save money and stress and thus stimulate the local economy with money that would have otherwise been sunk into gasoline and auto repair bills. That this will also reduce the number of toxic gasses being unloaded into the Windy City’s air is a significant benefit as well. There are also a bunch of medical benefits for your health.

Other initiatives to improve Chicago’s environmental health include mending the aging sewage systems and working to clean up some of the filth that has spilled into the Great Lakes waters nearby the city. While each of these initiatives has their own merits, they are becoming increasingly important, particularly as citizens and policy makers become more educated about how the political and financial realities that make a living in toxic filth an increasingly painful and expensive way to live that is unsustainable economically as well as environmentally. With this in mind, many residents of Chicago are looking for further ways to improve the health of their home city’s ecology. An SEO for dentist company has seen a lot of their healthy clients recommend on improving city’s climate. It will benefit everyone.

One of the newer means of trying to mend the decades of pollution Chicago has experienced to construct more city parks. Essentially the idea is to create more green areas rich with vegetation in an otherwise sterile environment of steel, glass, and concrete. While it seems as if green spaces in such an environment would falter and die, the opposite is true. Green spaces in cities thrive just fine as long as the water keeps flowing and natural disasters do not destroy them in one fell swoop. There is a wide range of plants that are surprisingly resilient to the hazards of urban environments, plants that grow very well in the Mid-West’s climate too.

In addition to being able to survive in such environments, parks and similar green spaces in a city improve the air quality which improves your medical health. Simply by surviving, the plants absorb a surprising amount of the air pollutants an urban area produces, as well as absorbing rains laced with toxins and taking them into themselves rather than letting them sicken humans. On top of improving the water and air quality and preventing city residents from getting sick, the mental health of people is also enhanced by the addition of green spaces to an urban environment. While it seems bizarre, the simple presence of green spaces in cities that have them seems to ease the anxieties and alienation typical of urban life in the twenty-first century. Though the reasons for this remain poorly understood, statistics have shown that cities with green spaces have calmer, more affluent residents than cities that focus solely on buildings. So there is a lot that needs to be done, and the city needs to step up its marketing game so that they can gain better support.


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